DFW-WP3: Germplasm Development for Trait Dissection - Initial QTL Validation

Luzie U. Wingen, Simon Orford, Michelle Leverington-Waite, Sarah Collier, Rajani Awal, Simon Griffiths
Phenotype data for QTL beneficial allele validation using Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) from growing season Oct 2017 - Aug 2018 at Church Farm, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK, for the traits: heading time, plant height and grain yield. Phenotype data was collected for 189 NILs of the DFW-TK-Landrace-NIL-Set2, which were developed from six landrace parents (Watkins 1190034, Watkins 1190141, Watkins 1190292, Watkins 1190352, Watkins 1190468, Watkins 1190729) and cultivar 'Paragon'. The introgressed 37 QTL, present show association with one of the following traits: above ground dry mass, anthesis date, grain fill, grain yield, height, lodging, maturity mildew score, NDRE, NDVI, and straw yield. Furthermore, phenotype data for two DFW-TK-Mutation-NILs, from a mutation screen for gw2-A, and for the control cultivars 'Paragon' and 'Soisson' was also collected. The DFW Wheat Toolkit (TK) contains sets of pre-breeding germplasm lines, developed by Work Package 3 of the Designing Future Wheat (DFW) Institute Strategic Programme (https://designingfuturewheat.org.uk/work-package-3/) and includes NILs or equivalent material from different wheat diversity sources, e.g. landraces, mutation screening, ancient wheat relatives and new synthetic wheats. DFW TK lines are assessed for traits of interest within the DFW programme. Genotype data, for SNPs on the 35k Axiom Wheat Genotyping Breeders' Array, is available from CerealsDB.
This data is made available under the Toronto Agreement
All of the data listed here is available under the prepublication data sharing principle of the Toronto agreement. By using this data, you agree to:
  • respect the rights of the data producers and contributors to analyze and publish the first global analyses and certain other reserved analyses of this data set in a peer-reviewed publication.
  • not redistribute, release, or otherwise provide access to the data to anyone outside of the group, until the data has been published & submitted to the public data repositories.
  • contact the authors to discuss any plans to publish data or analyses that utilize this data to avoid the overlap of any planned analyses.
  • fully cite the prepublication data along with any applicable versioning details.
  • understand that this data as accessed is precompetitive and is not patentable in its present state.
This agreement does not expire by time but only upon publication of the first global analysis by the data producers and contributors.

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