NIAB AB_CSSL glasshouse trial H2020

Richard Horsnell, Fiona Leigh, Tally Wright, Alison Bentley
This population of Chromosome Segment Substitution Lines ( CSSL's ) captures genetic variation from a Triticum dicoccoides accession Ttd140. Each line contains a unique introgression of tetraploid genome in a near isogenic background. This population was generated within work package 3 of Designing Future Wheat and funded by the BBSRC.
This data is made available under the Toronto Agreement
All of the data listed here is available under the prepublication data sharing principle of the Toronto agreement. By using this data, you agree to:
  • respect the rights of the data producers and contributors to analyze and publish the first global analyses and certain other reserved analyses of this data set in a peer-reviewed publication.
  • not redistribute, release, or otherwise provide access to the data to anyone outside of the group, until the data has been published & submitted to the public data repositories.
  • contact the authors to discuss any plans to publish data or analyses that utilize this data to avoid the overlap of any planned analyses.
  • fully cite the prepublication data along with any applicable versioning details.
  • understand that this data as accessed is precompetitive and is not patentable in its present state.
This agreement does not expire by time but only upon publication of the first global analysis by the data producers and contributors.

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